Check this quick guide if your Apple TV device won't connect to CiderTV, Ezzi TV or Aivee apps, installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Before you begin

Please make sure your Apple TV device is not jailbroken. Our apps work properly with non-jailbroken Apple TVs 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation only.

1 Check for Software Updates

  • On your iOS device, update to the latest version of CiderTV for iOS, Ezzi TV or Aivee respectively;
  • If you are trying to connect 4th generation Apple TV - check it is running tvOS 9.1 or higher;
  • If you are trying to connect 2nd or 3rd generation Apple TV - check it has OS version 6.2.1 or later.

2 Connect your devices to the same Wi-Fi network

All your devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod with the app installed), your Apple TV box and your linked Smart TV needs to be on the same home or local Internet network.

If your iOS device is not connected to Wi-Fi (and for example you downloaded CiderTV via 3G/4G/LTE networks) - connect it to same Wi-Fi with your Apple TV.

3 Restart your Apple TV

To restart your Apple TV (4th generation), go to Settings > System > Restart on the device.

To restart Apple TV (3rd generation and earlier), go to Settings > General > Restart.

If you do not have remote, you can always perform force restart of your Apple TV. Just plug/ unplug its power cord. For more alternatives check this article.

4 Restart your router

For more details how to do it please check your router's user guide for steps.

5 Check your firewall settings

Firewall is a network security system that is designed to protect unauthorized access to or from a private network.

If you Firewall is turned on your router or computer, it may block communication between native Remote, our remote apps and your Apple TV. CiderTV, Ezzi TV and Aivee use TCP port 3689 to communicate with Apple TV.

On your Mac PC, make sure that the firewall isn't set to "Allow only essential services." You don't need to edit the port addresses.

If you use other firewall software or hardware, check its user guide for how to open TCP port 3689.

If you it doesn`t help, please contact our support team via online chat inside the app or write us at