From CiderTV v2.0 for iOS and above you can control your Apple TV from Notification Center Widget. And it will radically improve your Apple TV watching experience!

Please note: to control Apple TV from widget you need to pair it from the CiderTV app first and then add CiderTV widget to your Notification Center.

To add CiderTV widget please do the following:

  1. Pair your Apple TV via CiderTV app following in-app on-screen guide (remember that both your Apple TV, Smart TV and iOS device should be connected to the same local Wi-Fi network and are turned ON);
  2. Go to your iOS device's Widgets pane, press Settings;
  3. Allow Cider TV to show widget (press “+” (allow));

After you’ve done steps given above, you can control your Apple TV through widget with buttons, such as Play/Pause, Navigation and the long-awaited Menu button.

It’s a Piece of Cake!

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