Always losing your Apple TV remote?

Control Apple TV with CiderTV app

Control your Apple TV
with gestures

Use swipes to move between Apple TV menus and just double tap anywhere inside CiderTV to go back. No menu button. Particularly convenient for nighttime.

Built-in volume
with gestures

CiderTV automatically finds all your enabled smart TVs connected to your local network via WiFi or Ethernet. To setup volume control hit the gear icon above the volume slider and select TV to link with Apple TV.

Simple pairing and Set Up

Pairing is needed only for first step and takes maximum half a minute. Just run CiderTV and type 4-zero code on your Apple TV. Both the Apple TV device and your iPhone running CiderTV must be in same local WiFi.

Over 2700 Apple TV owners everŅƒ day prefer CiderTV to other remotes.

Best Apple TV remote so far...

(Purcelljourney) - version 0.9.5 - oct 25, 2015: Hands down the best one I've found thus far! I've tried a couple of others and this one is simple to use and works every time. And the typing doesn't screw up on YouTube! Yay! One note, unlike the actual Apple TV remote, you have to double tap to go back instead of pushing up. Get this app. Wish I didn't have to select

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Control Apple TV with CiderTV app