The app works many popular TVs, media receivers and Apple TV. You may say “What? One more Remote? There are plenty of them!” and will be right. But wait a minute — this app seems to bring your Smart Home Theatre watching experience to a new level!

Just think over — how often did you feel sad while turning your TV ON a several minutes later and found your favorite show or movie already in full swing? Struggling to find a proper remote, counting long seconds when TV or receiver will awake from Sleep mode and cursing all trying to find the right channel? And what if there would be only one button that do it all for you? That app is a game changer.

Ezzi TV action screen

With new Ezzi TV remote you can set up watching Action beforehand with ease and turn it on in the right moment with just a tap. One button instead of juggling between remotes and struggling to find the channel. So keep calm and enjoy how easy the app works!

What Ezzi TV can do

This free app has so many amazing features. It connects to your Smart Home Theatre devices via WiFi and lets you to:

  1. Use your iPhone as universal remote control for your Smart TVs, media players and HD receivers;
  2. Control your devices one-by-one from uber stylish control screens or together in an “Action”;
  3. Set up watching parameters and save them as “Action”;
  4. Play scenarios set up beforehand with any combination of supported devices with just a tap;
  5. Set TV channel you want on;
  6. Set up the output volume device;
  7. Set up input (connection port) for your device.

This option is especially suitable if your TV is connected to many source devices (STBs) simultaneously: game console, media player, sound system and others. So you can select what port (connected device) Ezzi TV should choose while playing the Action). And save many time and nerves then :)

Disclaimer: now you can set up device, channel, connection port, audio source and even volume inside the Action. Time scheduling of Actions is coming in nearest releases and is not available at version 0.9.

Below are some Ezzi TV screenshots:

Find more in the AppStore

Before the official launch only a few people were able to try the automated watching Actions but now this uber feature is available for everyone in the AppStore. Be among the first to experience the Ezzi TV app.

How to start

To enjoy new home theater watching experience with Ezzi TV, just:

* Get the app in AppStore (it is completely free and does not require any additional hardware, in-app purchases, or whatever);
* Turn on your Smart TVs, HD receivers or Apple TV and connect it to same WiFi;
* Pair them with Ezzi TV following simple on-screen manual;
* Create actions with your devices and adjust the settings you want to act together (for example connect your Sony TV and Apple TV, turn them on at once and Sony volume at 8);
* Play the settings combination with one tap by running the corresponding action.

If you have any questions about how Ezzi TV works — contact our support team via online chat inside the app or drop a letter